Awst Press

Freedom. We do whatever we want as long as we’re satisfied with the outcome.”

That’s what Awst Press founder Wendy M. Walker told Entropy Magazine when asked what is exciting small press publishing.[1] Awst’s focus on freedom has led them to produce only what satisfies them (they do not accept open submissions),[2] and this approach has paid off. The press has quickly developed a national reputation for publishing high-quality books by surprising writers.

Awst started with a chapbook series, which features selections curated by well-known Austin writers such as Amy Gentry and Owen Egerton. These chapbooks have hand-stitched binding and covers designed by artists, making each one a unique object. Unlike other examples in this exhibit, the Awst chapbook series feature multiple genres of writing. Here, we have examples of short fiction by Dallas writer LaToya Watkins and queer Austin writer Bridget Brewer.


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